What is Yoga?

To many of us Yoga is just a normal exercise which no different from jogging or hiking. But many of us did not know that yoga is an exercise that designed base on human body structure. It is not only meant for our physical bodies but also our mind. Yoga is originated from India and has been practice ever since. It is indeed much more than an exercise or workout, it is a science.

Practicing yoga not only exercising one?s body but also mind. When doing yoga, we need to concentrate on our body and postures. In the end of yoga session, ones will need to relax and give some times for the body to rest. Therefore, yoga actually helps one to shift our focus from our hectic schedule to her body and in the end relax her mind and let the nature take its course.

at the very beginning of Buddhism, yoga is also referring as a system that helps one to meditate. Normally yoga is like a “prerequisite subject” before meditation to prepare ones mind to be ready. Now yoga is mainly to practice concentration and also relaxation. Every pose in yoga help stretch and exercise certain part of our bodies. By going through these poses, our whole bodies are stretched and mind is focus and relaxes. With the stretching, we strengthen our muscle and loosen up out joints which are stiff after long hours of sitting in front of the office desk.

Understanding yoga, you will find that practicing yoga is also a form of meditation. Yoga is not only about the poses. Many would think that yoga is great for slimming. However, yoga actually has much deeper impact to our systems. Other than the poses, we need to maintain the breathing and also mindfulness towards our bodies. This is why in yoga poses, ones will required to have a “still mind”. In our daily life, our minds are working non stop. Sometimes we find hard to concentrate towards one thing in life. In yoga practice, we can feel every breath we take and every movement we make. Everything slows down. In fact throught the concentrations of mind, we will be able to feel what is happening right now in our bodies and the small universe within us as you can see from articles on Makers Makings website. Finally achieve unity with the universe. Hence, let the energy of universe heal our minds and bodies. Of course, it is great for losing weight as well.

If you have a very hectic life and some exercises, Yoga will be the prefect choice for you. It is easy to forget ourselves in the chasing of materialistic. Yoga is the time off for both our minds and bodies.

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