What is call tracking?

Call tracking normally comes from a company that provides a kind of software that can literally record all the data attached to each phone call in and out of your business. Many small businesses turn down this kind of service mistaking it for something ineffective and a waste of money.

After all why would you want information about all your calls? One of the best things a company can do if they’re trying to reach certain return on investment (ROI) goals is to track their calls to make sure that their marketing investment is seeing the proper response to make it worth the investment.

Call tracking works best for this purpose when it is organized correctly. For example say a company wants to try a flyer marketing strategy, where they plan to plaster a neighborhood with flyers, they will want to know how well the flyers worked.

Now if the flyers have the regular business phone number listed on them it can be far more complicated to sort out responses directly from the flyers and responses from other avenues of publicity. Assigning a unique number to the flyer campaign and then getting call analytics software to register that number makes the measurement of direct response to the campaign much more accurate.

There are many strategies like this that small business companies do not realize they could be taking advantage of, no matter what they do whether carpet cleaning, walking dogs, or ladder retailers. But call analytics and call tracking services offered by companies such as Call Gear serve to benefit companies so that their marketing spending can be far more efficient.

Learn more about Call Gear from here. This is of course not all that can be done with call tracking, but it is one of the main benefits that comes from keeping track of the calls in and out of a business. The more you know about your business and where its coming from, who is looking for your services, the more you can narrow down your reach to finding those you are looking for.

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