What Is A Knee Walker?

A knee walker is a device that is used to replace the traditional devices like wheelchairs. Knee walkers are lifesavers for the people who have mobility issues resulting from wounds or a walking disorder. Knee walkers are also known as leg walkers, knee scooters or orthopedic scooters! They are available in thousands of styles and sizes, and all of them have a common objective, which is providing you the ultimate comfort and being easy to handle.

So, What is the Best Knee Walker?

There is no “best” knee walker, but there are a lot of quality knee walkers available, but the “best” knee walker is the one you really need. The best knee walker for you would be the knee walker that satisfies all your needs! So, the best knee walker for you doesn’t necessarily have to be the best for another buyer. So, instead of looking for the best knee walker, try looking into the features of knee walkers and come up with the one that satisfies all your needs and is within your budget. The best choice of knee walkers is online on online review sites such as Landroverbar – knee walker_landroberbar.

Some of the Things You Should Consider

Make sure that the knee scooter you’re going to buy is not too heavy, because it can cause a lot of trouble if you cannot lift it when you need to. Also, make sure that the knee pad is big enough to rest your knee and comfortable enough to place it for a long time. Remember that the knee walker should be very compact, so that it can be placed aside when you’re not using it or can be put inside the trunk of your car when you’re travelling.

One of the most valuable features in any knee walker is the ability to adjust its height without using any special tools. Typically, knee walkers’ handle height ranges between 33’’ to 38’’, while the knee pad height can be adjusted from 17’’ to 22’’, some models of knee walkers do have higher height ranges. Make sure the quality of the cushion is very high as you will have to rest your knee on it and make sure that the knee pad is wide enough for you.

Typically, knee walkers with four wheels gives you smooth rides on all kinds of surfaces, so be it a bumpy surface or a really smooth pavement, you got it covered. Make sure that the knee walker’s build quality is good enough to support your weight, most quality knee walkers support a maximum weight of 300 – 400 lbs.

Hand brakes are the next most important things you should consider while buying a knee walker, because you could end up in another accident if you couldn’t stop your knee walker when you had to. Most quality knee walkers lock its rear wheels when we apply a hand brake to prevent the knee walker to continue rolling away. This feature will minimize the chances of accidents.

The other thing that most people consider is a provision to put things for storage and transportation. A good knee walker will have a provision to carry things around.

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