Keepsake Urns

Keepsake urns are usually small and perfect for storing cremated remains without having to use the big bulky traditional burial urns and vases. To hold on to the memory of a beloved one it is not necessary to have all the ashes.

There are many beautiful and stunning keepsake urns available online which are ideal for space saving memory holding. These small urns will allow you to store the ashes anywhere you might want to, in any discreet and small place. These tiny urns are available in many sizes, colors, shapes and forms and their unique designs range from black marble, platinum and pewter, cream marble, teak wood, brass and any others.

When a loved one is departed all preparations need to be made for the funeral and memorial service. Once this is has taken place, many people find it comforting to hold on to the memory by keeping a small part of the member that passed away. This is why a keepsake urn is the perfect way to share your memories forever.

These are tiny urns that will hold just a bit of ash from a beloved one. Usually there are no two small urns the same, each is quite unique in shape, size and color. Also many times people like to give these urns as gifts to others who have just lost a loved one. This is a perfectly acceptable gift to give and it expresses sympathy with the family of the deceased one.

These beautiful little urns don’t need to be hidden away. They make perfect decorations on a book shelf, on a stand, on a nightstand or any other display location in your house where friends and family can always see them. Sometimes these mini urns can also hold a lock of hair, it is not uncommon for people to use them in this way.

The keepsake urns are usually up approximately 3 inches tall and they come in elegant little velvet pouches and cases. Many times keepsake urns are sold in multiples, particularly if several family members want to have their own memorial to the deceased person by dividing the remains between family members.

Some people even use these little urns as a cremation container for a loved departed pet. This is also ok. No matter what the purpose, keepsake urns are there for you to use in any way you need to hold on and honor the memory of a beloved member of family or your departed pet.

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