Diamond Rings Guide

Diamond rings have always attracted people through the centuries. The tradition of wearing diamond rings was maintained during many years, earlier by the noble and nowadays practically by all tiers of society. According to surveys, diamond is the most popular precious stone for wedding rings, and diamond rings represent the most desirable present.

All diamonds are beautiful, nevertheless, their value can vary. Usually diamond’s price depends on its carat (weight), cut (shape), clarity (how perfect the stone is and whether it has inclusions or blemishes) and color. Colored diamonds reflect less light rays, so they are less sparkling than white stones. However, some colors are rare, and such diamond rings are rather expensive. For example, black diamond rings are widely considered to be an elite style of jewelry, that’s why sometimes their price may seam incredible. As to diamond’s cut, such well-known types as marquise, pear, round, emerald, cushion, heart and princess cut are much in demand today.

Diamond 鑽石 come in various styles, from antique and vintage to designer, Celtic and celebrities diamond rings. The choice is so impressive, in fact, that, if your budget isn’t limited strictly, you may happen to buy several rings instead of one. Apart from local jewelry stores and pawn-shops there exist myriads of diamond rings online stores offering their products at relatively low prices. However, before buying a ring, you should make sure the diamond is natural and has certificate and other supporting documentation.

Besides the stone, the setting also matters. If you design a diamond ring yourself, you can select among a wide range of models. Plain or well-elaborate, with engravings or beaded edge or without them, the setting is dedicated to compliment the diamond. Opt for the metal which matches your stone. You can choose platinum or gold, like the most popular precious metals, or titanium which is cheaper. Some diamond rings have silver or stainless steel settings, and you can also decide in favor of two-toned one.

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