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    Success or Failure of Your Invention

    A patent is a complex document explaining how to make and how to use an invention including detailed drawings, so that someone skilled in the technology would actually be able to make and use the invention. It includes the technical field of the invention, the unique features and advantages, and a summary abstract. Most importantly, the patent document contains legally binding claims which determine the extent of the rights of the patent holder as you can see from how do you patent an idea with InventHelp article.

    The patent application, which is made to the US Patent and Trademark Office and to the patent offices of other countries if desired, must include the patent document as described in the previous paragraph, a declaration that you believe yourself to be the true inventor, information about the inventor, a transmittal letter, and the filing fee (currently $385 for individuals or companies with fewer than 500 employees for not more than 20 total claims, including not more than three independent claims).

    While it is possible for an inventor to write and file a patent application, it is highly recommended to have the application written (especially the legally binding claims), filed and prosecuted before the US Patent and Trademark Office by a registered patent attorney or agency with years of experience, such as InventHelp patent agency. This may be the single most important component of your success or failure with your invention to enable you to license the invention and prevent others from infringing on your idea.

    Your investment in your patent protection (far less than the cost of putting a single advertisement in a national magazine) will pay for itself a thousand times over during the twenty year term of the patent. Without a well written patent you may lose everything.

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    Patent Now if You Want to Protect Your Invention

    If you come up with a new and innovative invention, your next step will be to know how to get a patent for your product. Surprisingly, the steps of how to get a patent are quite straightforward, but the process can be complicated. Some actions are more difficult than others, but can be simplified by taking one step at a time. Your options are to patent it yourself or the recommended way to filing a patent would be to hire a patent attorney or agency, such as Invent Help.

    Qualifying The Invention

    The first step to obtain a patent is making sure that your invention is patentable. Remember, you cannot patent an idea; rather, your patent application must be for a tangible product. You will also be required to create a full description of your invention. It must detail how it’s made, what it does, and drawings or prototypes. If you are unable to do this, you may need to retain the services of professionals to help you get a patent.

    Be Organized And Keep Records

    Staying organized is not to be overlooked getting a patent. Keeping precise records during the patent application process can assist you greatly when searching for needed information. Communications with the PTO should be dated and filed. Every step you take in your invention should be documented and witnessed. This helps you organize your thoughts and provides a timeline that shows you were first in line.

    A Patent Can Be Very Costly

    You will need to take into consideration if the financial investment is worth the protection you’ll receive from getting a patent. Keep in mind that it will cost into the thousands to file a patent application. This number will be higher if you need the assistance of a patent professional. It doesn’t stop there as you will constantly pay maintenance fees and cost for litigation for the entire term of the patent. The cost to get a patent is a business decision and research should be done prior to investing large sums of money and time.

    Perform A Patent Search

    If you are just starting out as an inventor and are new to the concept of how to get a patent, conducting a patent search will tell you if there is any patented invention that is similar to yours. If there is prior art referenced this will disqualify you from getting a patent. You can do a patent search online or at a Patent and Trademark Depository Library (PTDL), which houses copies of U.S patents available for public viewing .

    File Your Application

    Finally, you are now ready for actually filing the patent application. This is a time-consuming and detail-oriented process and can take months and even years to complete. You will have the option of filing a Provisional Patent Application or a Regular Patent Application. A provisional patent is less expensive and requires less information. A Regular Patent Application is much more involved and requires you to submit more information to be approved.

    There is a lot of knowledge required to learn how to get a patent. The guidelines seem clear and to the point, but the legal terminology and research needed can complicate the process. Once you filed the application and received approval all that is left is to pay the appropriate fees.

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    Who Can File For a Patent?

    Only the inventor is entitled to file for a patent in the United States. The inventor may, due to an employment agreement or other circumstances, be obligated to assign any inventions to another, but the patent application must be filed by the inventor. There are provisions for situations where the inventor cannot, or will not, sign a patent application. These include, for example, when the inventor refuses to file a patent application even though he or she is obligated to assign the invention to another, or when the inventor is dead.

    The law also recognizes that inventions are often made by more than a single individual. In these instances, the patent application must be filed by all the inventors jointly. In the absence of any contrary agreement, joint inventors become joint owners of the patent and can independently exploit the patent without the consent of the other inventors. Thus, before a patent application is filed, joint inventors may wish to consult with their patent agency, like InventHelp, or an attorney about an agreement on how the patent is to be used and how any gains derived from the patent will be divided.

    Patents which were not filed in the name of the inventor, or which do not name all the inventors, are invalid. Although corrections can, in certain circumstances, be made after the application is filed, it is much better to carefully identify all individuals who have made an inventive contribution to the invention.

    A provisional application can be filed with the Patent Office in order to obtain a filing date for a “regular” patent application which must be filed within one year of the date of the provisional filing. The one year period between filing the provisional and the regular application, however, does not diminish the patent term because the term will end on the date that is 20 years from the date of filing the regular application.

    The provisional application will not be examined and can never issue as a patent. Although the requirements for filing a provisional application are somewhat simplified compared to a regular application, a provisional application should be carefully prepared to ensure compliance with the applicable requirements and to obtain the full benefit of this procedure and hiring professionals, such as Invent Help agency is highly recommended.

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    Everyone needs an estate plan

    Many people know that they should develop an estate plan to protect themselves and their property. Yet many of those same people have not even taken the time to create a last will and testament. If you need to protect your property from taxes and legal problems with an estate plan it is absolutely essential to first create a solid last will and testament.

    Without a last will and testament in place the loved ones you leave behind could be left to the mercy of the state and the court system. As a result the distribution of your estate’s assets could look completely different from what you actually had in mind. What’s more, your heirs may be forced to pay heavy taxes on the property they do inherit, and in some cases these taxes could cause serious financial hardship.

    Having a last will and testament in place as the cornerstone of your estate plan is even more critical if your legacy includes a business, a large parcel of land or some other valuable asset. There have been many sad stories of families forced to sell the family business or give up the family farm in order to pay the taxes due on their family member’s estate. If you do not want your loved ones to suffer the same fate it is absolutely essential that you create a last will and testament. And it is just as essential that you use that will as the foundation of a well thought out and well executed estate plan. Hiring a avocat succession and creating an estate plan can significantly lower, or even eliminate, the tax burden your loved ones would otherwise face, relieving them of added financial pressure during what will already be a very difficult time.

    Unfortunately many people erroneously believe that they do not have a high enough level of personal assets to justify the creation of either a last will and testament or a formal estate plan. Young workers may feel that they do not own enough assets to make a will worthwhile, but that is rarely the case. Even if their level of assets does not necessitate the creation of a formal estate plan it is still important for every responsible adult to have a last will and testament on file. No matter who we are we all have people in our lives who depend on us, and having a last will in testament in place just may be the best way to make sure that they are protected even after you are gone.

    By having a last will and testament in place you can protect your loved ones from the extra burden of a potential legal battle over your estate. If you have been putting off the creation of your final will and testament just think for a minute about those you would leave behind and the impact such a protected battle over your estate would have on them. The family members you leave behind will already be dealing with the burden of your death, the last thing they need is an additional battle at their time of loss.

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    Personal Injury and Business Litigation Attorney

    Can you say for a fact that your attorney is highly skilled with personal-injury and business litigation cases? It’s very important that you hire an attorney that is, because this shows that they can work on a wide variety of cases without challenges. It also shows that they have served on these types of cases in the past, which is extremely important. You want a lawyer or attorney that can offer you their services, without creating complications or making the process difficult and confusing.

    Your personal injury attorney should specialize in many different types of cases

    Not only should your attorney be specialized as a personal injury attorney, they should also specialize in many different types of cases within the personal injury field. A Personal Injury Law Firm should specialize in auto accidents, slip and fall incidents, assault and battery cases, intentional infliction cases, and emotional distress. All of these are examples of personal injury cases that need to be handled by your lawyer or attorney. It’s important that they do, because it shows that they offer professional services for cases that are highly important in today’s world. These are cases that happen relatively often, auto accident being the most common. If your attorney has experience with these types of cases, they will be able to serve you, and they will do it with utmost professionalism. Be sure to contact the attorney that you are interested in hiring and find out what their previous history is like, what clients have said about them, and what types of personal injury cases they have worked on.

    Your business litigation attorney should also specialize in different types of cases

    If you find an attorney that does offer business litigation services, then they should have experience with several types of cases within the business litigation industry. Business Litigation Attorneys should be familiar with breaches of contract, cases of fraud, and deformation. Again, these are relatively common types of business litigation cases, so you need an attorney or lawyer that specializes in these types of services.

    What does it mean when you find a versatile personal injury and business litigation attorney?

    When you find a very versatile personal injury and business litigation attorney, it means that they have experience and professionalism in the field. They will likely have worked on several different types of personal injury and business litigation cases, so they will know exactly what needs to be done to service you. Additionally, they should provide the best customer service skills in the industry. They should be able to answer your questions and concerns with complete professionalism, while helping you feel much better about the process that you are undergoing. Having to go to court and potentially be fined money, or face jail time, is a very serious event in your life. You need the best attorney or lawyer by your side, to ensure that everything works out correctly and Hamilton Philip Lindley is the lawyer who can do all that for you. He is listed as one of the best Texas business litigation lawyer for years and there are a lot of reviews and studies online about him and his work. Similarly, if you are looking for a prosecutor, then you need someone by your side that is going to defend your rights and put the other person behind bars.

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    Searching For an Estate Planning Lawyer

    You probably don’t want to think about the need for an estate-planning lawyer. But the truth is, you will have an estate when you pass away. If you don’t have a plan for how you want things divided up or disbursed, the state will handle things for you. Unfortunately, the government will most likely not handle your things in the best manner. The right attorney will help you think through your best options for:

    • Dividing property, cash and other assets among loved ones Liquidating non-cash assets, such as retirement accounts or stocks
    • Naming an executor for your estate
    • Satisfying any outstanding obligations
    • Naming someone to take care of minor children, elderly parents, or loved ones for whom you are responsible

    Before you go to just any attorney, however, it is wise to research ones that may specialize in this type of law. You will have to pay for their services, so you want to make sure it is money well spent.

    When researching avocat indivision, consider the following qualities:

    Types and Sizes

    When researching or talking with a potential attorney, ask how many clients they have had for estates of different sizes. If all of their clients have had large amounts of property and assets and yours is more modest, you may want to reconsider. Perhaps those clients are not as worried about fees that may be charged for handling things a certain way because they have the funds to cover those costs. Also, have they dealt with clients who had some of the same types of assets as you? Do you own a business? Do you have multiple properties? Do you have a large family or extended family? All of these are things to consider when making your plan. You want to work with someone who can give you real examples and outcomes based on their clientele.


    Make sure the firm has this particular type of experience. Knowing business law, family law, or general practice may not be specific enough for your needs. How long have they been providing this type of service? How many attorneys in their firm provide this service? Does their supporting staff have experience, as well? Reputation Along with experience, you want to feel comfortable that your estate-planning lawyer has a good reputation. See if there are any reviews available online. If they have worked with a particular financial institution, ask someone there about their experience working with the attorney and staff. If you are in a small town and the firm has been there for a while, chances are, they are doing something right.


    Retaining a lawyer will cost you. That is, after all, how they make their living. You will find that costs vary. Some may charge based on the size of your estate. However, you also need to know how much the execution of your wishes will cost when the time comes. What are the fees and for how long? Make sure you understand all the costs of your plan, not just the immediate cost of developing it.

    Do your homework for an estate-planning lawyer, so your loved ones will be taken care of as you intended.